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There are just too many moving parts that have to be synchronized for this approach to succeed. I just have two highly skilled guys and a computer. I can’t risk the compensation of my small firm on this! Illustrative Vendor Quote (2010)

The mechanism of action of Methotrexate in Rheumatoid Arthritis is currently unknown. Methotrexate Drug Packaging Insert (2010)

The marketing department at Warner-Lambert (now part of Pfizer) estimated first year sales of Lipitor™ at 200-300 million U.S. dollars. The first year came in it at over $800 million, and Lipitor™ reached over $2 billion in sales by the end of the 2nd year. DIA Pharmaceutical Industry Survey+ Participant

Situs inversus, the left-to-right transposition of all internal organs, has been known since 1788. Dextrocardia – a variation in which only the heart is on the wrong side of the body – was described even earlier, in 1643. Dr. Maldjian, [M.D., Associate Professor of Radiologist] ... sees several cases a year at the University of Medicine and Dentistry [of New Jersey]. It's a shock every time you see one of those images,’ he said ... The patient had been in for three successive chest X rays over three years .. each time, the radiologist reading the X ray assumed that the film [had been reversed], so the case was read as normal. Maldjian, Pierre (2007). cited in... Mirror-Image Humans Walk Among Us With No Warning

Scientific research, as with physical systems, evolves over time through generally incremental changes punctuated by breakthroughs, culminations, and unforeseen outcomes. Foote, Richard (2007). Mathematics and Complex Systems

Pull together an industry survey that will show how our firm is at the bottom of the pack in terms of Customer Service. Management Consulting Partner (~1994). Personal Communication

Pull together an analysis that shows why this project should take place in Ensenada. Come up with ten or so criteria, so when we apply a weighted average to each criterion the summation will point to Ensenada. Try not to make it too obvious. Management Consulting Partner (~1991). Personal Communication

Probably the most important thing is doing this [ditching traffic signs to make the roads 'shared space'] in the right places. You can't just do it anywhere, for example where speeds are high. It requires lower speeds which allow drivers and pedestrians time to communicate. And people do it quite naturally. There's a negotiated right-of-way where you look at the driver and wave or signal. Lockwood, Ian (2006). Cited in... Calming Traffic by Losing the Signs

Never let a serious crisis go to waste. What I mean by that is it's an opportunity to do things you couldn't do before. Emanuel, Rahm (2008). Quote attributed to the White House Chief of Staff

Note from 4/11: Paul Romer, economist, is credited with the witty quote, "A crisis is a terrible thing to waste." per his wikipedia article.

Myth: The facts will set us free.

Reality: Narratives, not facts, guide our thinking.

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