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Layers of depth or specialization can be pursued but they all must ultimately come up to a common layer and be essential facets of a single understanding. Foote, Richard (2007). Mathematics and Complex Systems

Just build this database! I’m certain it will give untold benefits to millions of people. We should not be in discussions whether to build it, rather how to build it! Participant (2008). National Academies of Sciences conference on Containment of Health Care Costs

It’s amazing. We forecast a full 18 months in advance how many drug candidates will reach each milestone (IND, Phase 1, 2, 3, and NDA). We do this is in the 3rd quarter of the preceding year, and we always either just hit or slightly exceed those numbers! Delivery against those milestones is always shaped like a hockey stick. All the results magically appear in the very last quarter of the forecast year! DIA Pharmaceutical Industry Survey+ Participant

it is incumbent on us all to work toward enhancing the understanding of ‘big picture' issues within our own disciplines and beyond; each of our disciplines must itself exhibit the inherent facets of a complex system, or our research is surely nugatory. Foote, Richard (2007). Mathematics and Complex Systems

In 1995 a comprehensive review of [fingerprint] examiner proficiency was performed. The results were astonishing. Only 44 percent ... scored perfectly. Six of the 156 examiners reported false negatives ... thirty-four examiners, 22 percent of the total, reported false positives. Cole, Simon A. (2002). Suspect Identities, p. 281

If you're faced with a traffic signal, you don't have to think anymore. Whether you go depends on whether the light is red or green. In the absence of such things, we're perfectly capable of reading and understanding the situation so that if grandma's in the road ahead of you, you don't run her over. Hamilton-Baillie, Ben (2008). cited in... German Town's Traffic Plan: Remove Signs, Curbs

If you keep sending me losers, there’s only so much I can do to stem the bleeding further down the line. Vice President, Auto Insurance Claims Adjustment (2010). Personal Communication

I’m so p’d off. I just received a poor performance review. I’m quitting. Aside from Barry and me there’s no one in the entire R&D organization willing to tell the emperor he’s got no clothes. Barry and I both try to design experiments that expose the weakness of the R&D prototypes. You’d think that would be valuable. But instead we’re labeled as dissenters+ or pariahs and given poor performance reviews. Professional Colleague (2006). Translational Medicine Conference, Personal Communication

I would go to these meetings where the CEO would expound on some aspect of strategy or some key decision. Driving back in the limousine he would turn to me and ask what I thought of his presentation. I was smart enough to answer: It was brilliant. It was just what everyone needed to hear. DIA Pharmaceutical Industry Survey+ Participant

I would go into these meetings with 6-10 individuals from research and even at the end of the meeting I couldn’t tell you which one was the boss. Professional Colleague Consulting in the Chemical Industry (2009). Personal Communication