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Explain Franchise Capital Management in a Nutshell

Franchise Capital Management...

What's the difference between glossary and keyword?

Glossary items are specialized terms from either industry or from the World Class R&D Institute....

Are these quotations for real?

Yes. Quotations cited in the World Class R&D website are real.

Except in the case of quotations...

Which feeds are syndicated on this website?

News You Can Use comes from the RSS feeds listed below. Only a very few articles (typically less than a handful) are deemed worthy of recommendation on the...

We're doing X. How does this fit within World Class R&D?

People are going to thrash 'round, make a lot of wrong turns, and hit a lot of dead ends, for the next 10-15 years and finally end up where this website is today. Aren’t you glad you came...

Has anyone done this?


Each of the recommendations on the website are used extensively in some industry or productive capacity (e.g., Alternate Competing Hypotheses...

What are you looking for in your Board Members?

Mavericks, co-conspirators, zealots. This is not a time commitment; it’s a total commitment of heart and soul. We hear about the 10% or so of people who are underemployed in the U.S. It...

How is the World Class R&D Institute different from other efforts in this area?

Other efforts typically address the individual. How to be a better manager. How to be more innovative. How to better motivate your staff.

Other efforts are typically piecemeal: improving...

Who's behind the Institute?

We are currently in search mode for members of the board and officers for the Institute. Recommendations are welcome. We're looking for individuals who represent industry, academia, government,...

How do I do RSS with this website?

In Version 1.0 of the website (v1.0 shown in the lower right hand corner of each page, next to the Drupal logo)  there are three areas to syndicate:

I can't seem to wrap my mind around this World Class R&D. Help me.

The Insitute is dedicated towards finding management practices that work; that increase R&D effectiveness. It does this in three areas: Evidence Gathering, Decision Making Under...

Where's the really good stuff?

Officially? Follow the menu items.

Unofficially? The often ignored Site Map for this website was built using software that claims it is able to do the...

If I learn all the material on this site will I become a World Class manager?


This is not a website dedicated to making you a World Class R&D manager. That is not one of the Key...

How am I protected against Spam?

You will not receive spam from the institute or any of its affiliates. You will receive periodic e-mails if you sign up  for them.

As for SPAM originating from other users of the...

Two disciplines are noticibly absent in World Class R&D: Project Management and Information Technology

There are several others: regulatory, quality, human resources. These will be the topic of a future home page...

What are the academic underpinnings of World Class R&D?

When I submit materials why can't I get formatting like I'm used to in my word processor?

Unfortunately when you open up the website to the world you invite participants whose actions are not always professional. All users are required to use what is called Filtered HTML in order to...

What is this World Class R&D in a nutshell?

Much of the argumentation for World Class R&D (WCRD) revolves around two key tenets:

  1. R&D pursues products that have blockbuster...
I have a great discussion to contribute, but don't know where to place it? Forum, User News, etc.

Note in Version 1.0 of the website you may only participate via the Forums, User News and Comments. You can always ask a question of the site administrators using the FAQ feature. More coming soon...

What's the story behind the technology used for the website -- Drupal?

Drupal is a content management system that will allow us to more readily assemble the hundreds of separate considerations for what it takes to build a World Class R&D organization....