Who's behind the Institute?

We are currently in search mode for members of the board and officers for the Institute. Recommendations are welcome. We're looking for individuals who represent industry, academia, government, trade associations, legal and Wall Street. We're looking for individuals who can bring a global perspective to the Institute. These should be accomplished individuals with a strong interest in the topic. Our goal is to have this team filled out by mid-2010.

For now, the bulk of the work is being carried out by Keith Ortiz and associates.

Keith Ortiz is President and founder of World Class R&D. He has 20+ years as a management consultant to the world's finest research organizations, and has personally recommended and implemented many of the now deprecated Worst Practices+. His founding of the World Class R&D community is therefore in part reparation for past sins. His experience is mostly in the life sciences (i.e., pharmaceuticals, medical devices), but he has also consulted into the Chemical, Agri-Sciences, Oil & Gas, Financial Services, Telecommunications and Information Technology industries. He is a frequent speaker at professional conferences and has authored many papers on the topic of management of research.