What are the academic underpinnings of World Class R&D?

Eclectic. If you explore the materials on behavior fundamentals+ you'll find insights that come from over two dozen fields. Where else will you find Trial Lawyers, the CIA and the Devil in discussions about R&D effectiveness? More importantly, we looked for tools and techniques that worked, albeit their effectiveness in industrial R&D is still to be proven. Behaviors fundamentals were then applied retrospectively+ to the tools & techniques. They work, so what do the academicians say makes them work? For example Alternate Competing Hypotheses+ ACH works well because of its competitive underpinnings. So we look to the academic literature to get a greater awareness of the circumstances in which tools and techniques are most applicable.

To quote Gauch, Jr.:

…the past century has been the one and only century ... to have produced mostly scientists rather than philosopher-scientists. Consequently, many contemporary scientists cannot defend science's credibility from various intellectual attacks, and they cannot optimize the methods and productivity of their own research programs. Weakness in scientific method is costly, wasting research dollars and compromising competitive advantage ... who will harness the world's most advanced scientific thinking to develop successful theories and innovative products ... a disproportionately large share of future development will come from those scientists who have mastered their specialties like everyone else but who also have mastered the basics of science's philosophy and method. Gauch, H. G. (2003). Scientific method in practice