Training and Certification

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You're only going to be as good as your people. This means they need to be members of a World Class Team, and that takes training and practice. Lots of practice.

Training and certification of both managers and researchers is a critical component of World Class R&D. We give them the knowledge, and we give them the opportunity to practice that knowledge. Once certified they will be good for a while. But the World Class R&D bar, the standard of what it means to be World Class, is continually rising. Training and certification is a life-long commitment.

The very early outline of training and certification for World Class R&D is to have online training and testing, projects or initiatives where this training is put to practical use, and follow-up through interviews with project participants and with independent verification and validation of project / initiative outcomes, especially the 'stickiness' of the results. Ongoing certification is seen in a manner similar to what you see in the medical boards or state certification programs for physicians or other professionals: continuing education and evidence this education is making it into actual practice.

And given the rant on process engineers who don't know their business, it's pretty sure certification should be industry-specific.

What else? The Training and Certification team is just now getting started and we value your input. How do we avoid the typical issues seen with these programs? How can we be innovative and creative in the design and delivery of these programs? What's the World Class approach to training and certification?

Mentor programs can be incredibly valuable for researchers or any employee for that matter. Please provide your experience with mentorship: the good and the bad.

World Class means 'the chosen few' by definition. Not everyone can be World Class. This can mean that many try but only a few succeed at certification, or perhaps levels of certification. This is an exclusive club. What do we collectively view as an approach towards this exclusivity?

Training and Certification is the one area that will touch the most individuals, and perhaps provide the greatest benefit. Get involved!

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