Stage Gates

Description Stage Gates / Quality Hurdles+ is a tool that is often used in Early Kills+. These are milestones that projects must attain to be allowed to receive more funding. In the pharmaceutical industry they appear as checklists+ of qualities expected in drug candidates. The line items on these checklists can be both quantitative or qualitative. Although there is some flexibility, checklists are typically lined up in advance to give project teams a well-defined target to meet if they want to continue to receive funding. This process is very effective (and welcomed) at the level of the team, since individuals can throttle their efforts to meet the deadline.
Weaknesses Many of the same critiques can be leveled against Quality Hurdles as can be found for Early Kills. In addition this practice suffers from all the drawbacks of checklists and of deadline bias+.
Appropriate Uses Maybe useful for me-too+ projects.


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