Introduction, Maturity Matrix

The Maturity Matrix maps out your long-term voyage towards becoming a World Class R&D organization...

We live in an imperfect world and this is reflected in today’s R&D organizations. We can’t just leap into the new world; there are just too many individuals that need to leap at the same time. We need practice, and the maturity matrix shows the best places in which to do this. Each of our improvement efforts may or may not work, but within each effort we find the building blocks of our eventual solution. Look to the maturity matrix to help you identify and preserve those building blocks.

In Level 1, the most basic level, the success of a R&D is entirely due to the efforts of the individual or team, without having support systems in place to facilitate their task. They sometimes succeed in spite of, and not because of the organization. Level 3 builds an organization that helps individuals succeed within today’s corporate constraints. Level 5 focuses on the entire corporate environment and eliminates those constraints. At Level 5, the organization does whatever it takes to drive World Class R&D performance.

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