Innovation Programs

Description Innovative product development is the hallmark of a World Class R&D organization. We’re looking for innovative products that generate world class revenue. Innovation programs refer to practices and programs that generalize from instances of innovation across industries. Innovation researchers look for commonalities in practices leading to past innovations, with the intention of spreading those practices to increase future innovations. For example see  Robinson & Stern.
Weaknesses We can't sustain an organization that depends on serendipitous or creative moments. Certainly we should welcome recommendations that tend to increase the likelihood of these moments. But World Class R&D is all about the sustainability of R&D in-between these moments, and this means we need to have a complete program that includes both sub-blockbusters and blockbuster pursuits. And it means we do not depend on these moments. World Class R&D is just hard work. It's a persistence towards a goal that is internalized into the team members. The magic happens because we make it happen.
Appropriate Uses Of course we should always be open to special innovative moments. But they're tactical and not strategic. Our strategy comes from World Class R&D.
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