I can't seem to wrap my mind around this World Class R&D. Help me.

The Insitute is dedicated towards finding management practices that work; that increase R&D effectiveness. It does this in three areas: Evidence Gathering, Decision Making Under Uncertainty, and Governance. It does this by focusing on the behaviors of individuals involved in each of these three areas. Why these three? See here.

For a basic overview of the genesis of the WCRD Research Program see here.

Most of the management practices listed are quite tactical. This is deliberate. We start with elements that readers can more easily wrap their thinking around. Techniques borrowed from the Venture Capital or Franchise Management industries are more strategic, but are much more foreign to the typical thinking found in industrial R&D. These will be documented in a series of articles featured on the front pages of the website.

This is intended to be an institute, with a mission of research, education and advocacy. We seek practical solutions, but actionable projects will most likely be driven out of commercial ventures affiliated with the Institute.