How is the World Class R&D Institute different from other efforts in this area?

Other efforts typically address the individual. How to be a better manager. How to be more innovative. How to better motivate your staff.

Other efforts are typically piecemeal: improving research, improving the handoff to commercial, etc. Even individuals who are challenged to step back and think what is meant by  the term World Class R&D typically come up with dramatic improvements to specific aspects of R&D (e.g., Quality Control, Project Management). It's the rare individual that steps back and throws out all the known functional areas and processes and asks the simple question: what does it take to get more products out at the end?

There are no wobbly-kneed recommendations on this website. The changes here are fundamental and transformative. They are based on a thorough understanding of R&D in one of the most heavily regulated industries in the world: pharmaceuticals. The changes on this website can be made to work in pharmaceuticals, and by extension to any less-regulated industry.

Only World Class R&D Institute takes a comprehensive approach from the laboratory to the boardroom. This approach allows us to make specific, bold recommendations along that spectrum confident that they will fit together into a working whole. For example, if we want to improve evidence, then we need to change decision making for that evidence, then we need to change funding of research to encourage that kind of decision making.

World Class R&D Institute is also one of the very few approaches that is founded in behaviors. What does it take to mesh the innate tendencies of individuals for creativity, with a charge to take care of the finances needed to fund creativity? Behavior Fundamentals+ support Management Practices which support Operating Models which support R&D Strategy.

One approach to implementing the recommendations of the Institute is to look at every project that is underway or in planning through the lens of effectiveness as supplied by the Institute. We don't change the mandate for these projects, rather we nudge them in the direction of greater effectiveness, as measured by the ability of the R&D organization to successfully commercialize blockbuster+ products. Followers of the Institute can feel comfortable that their conception of effectiveness is comprehensive and not limited in time or extent.