Commentary, Maturity Matrix

Level 5 (Advanced) is based on the Core Arguments documented in this website (e.g., Governance, Evidence Gathering). Refer to these menu selections for further discussion  of the entries in the Maturity Matrix.

The maturity matrix will evolve over time. As individuals contribute to this website, and their contributions have been fired in the crucible of the Discussion Arenas, the maturity  matrix will be updated to reflect the finished thoughts. In the meantime, readers are urged to refer back to the Discussion Arenas for the latest thinking. This is best done  either the using Search, or through the Site Map at the bottom of each page (which is updated continuously).

Readers accustomed to developing or reading a maturity matrix may have found the entries for World Class R&D unusual. Typically a maturity matrix shows progress in a capability from naïveté to second-nature (see Hillson). This traditional approach has the advantage in that it allows for benchmarking or quantitative comparisons across organizations. It's amenable to quantitative measurements. With creative endeavors, like World Class R&D, traditional approaches to a maturity matrix do not apply. For example there are no hard and fast measures for how well a company has "Explicit recognition of the uniqueness of behavioral needs by type of R&D." Our scorecards will be much more subjective.

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