Behavior Fundamentals Illustration

As a concrete illustration, the behavior Knowledge is Power KIP+, in its unproductive incarnation, is addressed using Competition, for example in the competitive setting of a Trial by Jury+. We’ll enforce a rule of inadmissible evidence+ during the trial and secret personal knowledge becomes, in effect, null and void. Individuals practicing KIP behavior learn to share their knowledge early, or risk having it declared inadmissible. Similarly KIP can be attacked using economic principles of Revelation+ of participant information in the buying and selling of goods & services. For R&D, evidence is the coin of the realm and we want all information about the evidence revealed before making the decision transaction.

In the spirit of full disclosure, these behaviors were grouped into the behavior fundamentals+ using prior knowledge of the Tools & Techniques proposed to fix specific behaviors. The behavior fundamental of the Tool (e.g., competition in a Trial by Jury) was then retrofitted. There are two reasons for this: (1) tools & techniques take primacy because they’ve been shown to control behaviors in real world settings, (2) behavior are ugly; it’s more important to just get started. These classifications are probably wrong, but they’re good enough for the first iteration of a Trial & Error+ approach. Use the Behavior Fundamentals for a first cut evaluation of proven Tools & Techniques that you are considering from other realms (e.g., religious, advocacy, athletics).

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