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Productivity Not Profits

The 2011 Occupy Wall Street protests provide a context to better explain the solutions we recommend to fund unpredictable R&D+. The Wall Street protester complaints are confused. This article clarifies the issue for mainstream observers and suggests improvements based on our R&D solution.

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One Person, One Vote, No Proxies

Perhaps it's not as much a case of why the one person, one vote rule is good for funding of unpredictable R&D+. Perhaps it's more a case of how bad the one share, one vote rule can be.

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Breathing Life into Intellectual Capital

Intellectual Capital+ is found dead within many a corporate or academic repository. We breathe life into these dead assets and nurture them within our exclusive community.

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We will be much stronger and more successful by banding together as a community. Individual investments leverage the reputation of the whole, and a community is not overly burdened by the shortcomings of the few.

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We treat investors as citizens in our community. They are educated, participative and committed. Committed investors stick around, supporting our goal of providing long-term predictable funding for unpredictable R&D+.

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This is not your daddy's business model. We do our damnedest to keep rules in the funding agency+ to a minimum. This is consistent with the fact that the rules have yet to be written for the Phase 1 industrial+ firms into which we are investing.

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Here are a few common cautions. Things known to go wrong from time to time. Don’t overly fixate on them; rather keep them in mind as you review the design for the funding agency+.

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Valuation of Intellectual Capital

We allow investors to come and go. They need a share price to buy and sell. Share prices are regularly updated and accessible for rational analysis by investors and investees alike.

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The Cooperative Solution

Our task is to provide predictable funding for unpredictable R&D+ over the long term. Features of our funding approach (e.g., 'one person, one vote+', investor education) are closest to those found in a cooperative+.

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Reflection-in-action+ is a teaching approach perfect for Phase 1 industries+, where the rules have not yet been written. It has two key aspects: learning by doing and teaching students to delight in unexpected insights.

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We present a (speculative) scenario exploring the use of a hazard insurance agency to protect the funding agency+ from systemic risks. This goes beyond traditional D&O insurance in that it aims to insure the reputation of the funding agency.

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Project milestones, as practiced in today's industries, are destructive of creativity. We abandon this practice and replace it with an independent evaluation+ of team effectiveness.

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Intellectual Capital Valuation LLC

If you're so damn good at valuing intellectual capital+, why not sell this as a professional service to today’s funding organizations?

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Perfect Storms

We reduce the likelihood of a financial meltdown by borrowing insights from the field of engineering.

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Trust and Redemption

Trust is the cornerstone of our funding agency+. We seek implicit trust+, a trust that is automatic. Investors can buy and sell shares without having to work any harder than they would for an investment on the NYSE or NASDAQ.

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Intellectual Capital

Intellectual Capital+ is much more than any of its physical manifestations (e.g., patents, trademarks). It’s greatest wealth is found mostly in the minds of its creators. We exploit this wealth by packaging those minds into Investible Units+, which in turn are packaged into a community of Investible Units.

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All Your Eggs in One Basket

Diversification is a very poor investment strategy for unpredictable R&D+. Once you get more than a handful of investments, further diversification worsens success rates. Better to pick a few high quality investments and keep all your attention focused on making those few successful.

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Systemic Risks

Systemic risks are those that can bankrupt the funding agency+. Their causes are often perfectly unpredictable (i.e., perfect storms). We can't foresee all these risks, so we set up the agency so it can better weather the storm when they arrive.

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Voting Constructs

Not all votes are created equal. We construct the vote in agreement with the importance of the measure being decided, and more care is taken for measures that are more consequential.

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Rigorously controlled scientific experiments often do not stand the test of time. Even interocular+ results are later found to be not replicable.

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The Challenge of Brash Citizens

The very confidence and brashness we instill into the minds of our citizens often permits them to later claim they could have done it without us.

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We Do Not Commit Investors for the Duration

Our belief is we can (dramatically) lower our cost of capital by making it easier for investors to come and go. We set prices for buy-sell transactions that are steady and predictable. This provides investors with assurances of a ready market when they are ready to sell.

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Special Interest Groups

With community comes special interest groups. It’s better to bring them to the surface and embrace them, while at the same time keeping a close eye on their machinations.

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Results That Stand the Test of Time

We frequently use the phrase results that stand the test of time. Here are the details.

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Separation of Voting Rights from Cash Flow

One person, one vote+ is an unusual rule for business. Here we describe it in terms of a dual class capitalization (Class A, Class B, etc.) as found in many traditional corporations.

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Predictable Funding for Unpredictable R&D

Effectiveness in industrial R&D is as much driven from the way in which it is funded as from the way in which it is executed. Here we review the funding needs.

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Introduction to Franchise Capital Management

An overview of Franchise Capital Management+, a new approach to funding R&D

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Bringing It All Together - Franchise Capital Management

An expanded version of the patent application for Franchise Capital Management, a new approach to funding R&D

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From Unpredictable R&D to Predictable Investor Returns

How we take unpredictable R&D+ and package its windfalls+ to provide predictable returns to investors

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We Love Investor Exits

Unambiguous measures are few and far between – investor exit interviews are one of these measures and we learn to cherish them.

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Execution is the Key to Success

Presents a summary of over 1,000 pages of website material, on how we make R&D more effective – it’s not cheap.

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Retail Investors As Predictable Funding

Why retail investors are preferable to institutional investors

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It's a Vast Untapped Market

Why the time is right for a new funding approach

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It's a good thing we don't get all the government we pay for

We’ll plow close to 20% of winnings back into franchise operations with the intent of making R&D investments more successful. We do this without meddling into the affairs of the investment.

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The Power of Ownership

We leverage ownership to drive greater productivity in R&D. Here’s what’s different from other attempts to do the same.

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You Have to See It to Believe It

I’ve seen steady share price increases that have spanned decades and weathered many recessions. There was one woman in charge for 30+ years.

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The Island Nation of R&D Inc.

A fanciful narrative on how an island nation funds R&D

03-25-11 Listen 11:16
Pig Farmers, Prostitutes and Leverage

You need to think differently about money to better appreciate the unconventional approaches taken on this website.

03-31-11 Listen 9:53
Mother Nature Left the Building

Success hinges on being smarter at knowing when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em. This is a core competency envisioned for our funding agent.

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Why Push As Far As Commercialization?

Venture capital sells out at the first sign of success. We insist on staying through to successful completion of the research. Here’s why.

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The POW Priest

The POW Priest was a middleman. So is our funding agent. Here’s some insights about being a middleman.

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It's a Package Deal

You can’t just take half the recommendations: how research is funded is just as important as how it is executed when it comes to success.

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Let 'em Fail!

We don’t need losers for our investment formula to work. With a perpetual fund the only losers are those that exit the fund too soon.

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Shots on Goal

We bundle research investments into a single perpetual fund+. Here’s what’s different from how that approach is used today.

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Watchdog+ is integral both to the success of operations, and to the protection of the rights of all parties to the contract. Here’s why.

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Why Blockbusters?

We insist on blockbuster potential as our measure of success. It’s unambiguous and eliminates many otherwise bothersome details.

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Windfalls Can Be a Curse...

Windfalls, successes from unpredictable R&D, can be troublesome. Individuals often do not deal well with sudden large influxes of cash. Here’s why that’s important.

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