World Class R&D Alternate to Pharma in Decline

We lay out the shape of a new science-based healthcare industry at the World Class R&D Institute. The differences between the pharmaceutical industry and this new industry are not as manifest as, for example, the differences between iron and steel. But they are just as daunting to the installed base. You walk into one of our new R&D facilities and you have an immediate sense for how they’re different. This is an organizational form never before seen in the life sciences industry.

We invent a new language for the new industry: firewalls, 30-70, independent evaluation+, goal-free planning, exclusivity, compulsories+, anything goes+, etc. The glossary on the website contains well over a hundred specialized entries. The new vocabulary is a means to force new ways of thinking, ways to get individuals to stop and think about new ways before they answer new questions. We’re deliberately provocative as a means of clearly distinguishing the new from the old.

World Class R&D creates an industry that leverages the passions and creativity of its best researchers, its best financiers, and its best commercial professionals. We don’t get in the way of our teams with artificial constraints, limitations or regulations. We give preference to ‘anything new’ in all our thinking:

  • How the work gets done and measured
  • How financing is obtained and deployed
  • Where blockbuster+ endpoints lie

We set it up so researchers constantly demonstrate concern for the natural anxieties of the funding agents, and vice-versa. In exchange, we get continuous funding for discontinuous discovery+. We insist on ‘anything goes’ in all our pursuits (i.e., pushing as far and hard as the law will allow).

What is this new industry?

  • It services many of the same customers (and payors) of the old industry
  • It seeks blockbuster healthcare revenues and margins in any form or niche1
  • It is (for the most part) driven by a competitive edge in a technology or science platform…more
  • It nurtures ‘researcher creativity’ as a key ingredient to this competitive edge (e.g., imagination factories)
  • It finances discontinuous discovery with continuous revenue streams (i.e., self-financing)…more

As a replacement for the pharmaceutical industry, we improve the well-being of our fellow man through a combination of products (physical and virtual), services, consumables, maintenance, financing, etc. Perhaps our new industry goes beyond repair and engineers enhancements to the human vessel: 20-20 vision is not good enough.2 You can’t pay me today? We’ll work out payments over your enhanced lifespan. We trade human wellness for blockbuster revenues: who could ask for a more mutually beneficial arrangement?

Editor's Picks for January, 2011

  • 1. Imagine the guffaws when the claim was first made "We’ll give away the printers and make our money on the ink cartridges!"
  • 2. If victories in the battle with infectious disease have now allowed many more humans to reach 110 years of age, then our new industrial model ensures those 110+ years are fruitful, enjoyable, and are a continuing source of revenue for our new industry. And it’s still unknown whether 114 is a biological or a technological limit in the human lifespan. See HERE for a fascinating discussion of these topics (note: many of the charts are simplistic in their rationale. For example, they ignore per capita comparisons over time.)