Pharmaceutical Industry Survey (2006)

A 2006 DIA pharmaceutical industry survey+ (attached) into the causes for its decade-long R&D productivity slump came back with two resounding answers:


  1. It’s the behaviors, fix them, and
  2. Don’t come back with worn-out management consulting tricks (see: Worst Practices+).

Survey participants were (admirably) quick to blame themselves (‘I can’t believe we did this to ourselves!’) and were just as quick to point out the particular (negative) behaviors they had in mind. The diagram below provides a partial listing of the unproductive behaviors called out during the survey. Descriptions of specific unproductive behaviors are found by by clicking on the term name in the diagram.

The key finding from the survey was the call to closely consider how the design of R&D activities impacts effectiveness: research, management and administration. Specifically, how does the design impact behaviors in a way that promotes or impedes effectiveness? R&D for most innovative products is inherently unpredictable. How do you design R&D activities to promote effectiveness in pursuits that are unpredictable? Only the passions and motivations of the individuals engaged in the pursuits can make a difference.

The following image has clickable areas. Click on any term within the image to be taken to a page describing that term.

Behaviors Categorized - 2006 Pharmaceutical Industry Survey

Map showing many common unproductive behaviors identified in an industry survey, categorized by types of behavior
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