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The World Class R&D InstituteR&D Operating Models

This month we feature a discussion of World Class R&D Operating Models. This describes at a high level different ways in which R&D can be operated as a business. For example, we describe the Franchise Model, which spins off Investible Units+ as separate legal entities held to very strict franchise performance standards and rules. We discuss Venture Management, operating R&D in a manner similar to what would be seen in financing arrangements with a Venture Capitalist. Several models are discussed, and later we tailor the best of each of the models to the particular circumstances of the targeted R&D organization.

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This is a quick note to let you know the latest update of the World Class R&D Institute website is now available at here. This month we focus on the Operating Model for World Class R&D. What models should we consider? Examples include the Venture Capital model, the Franchise Model and the Commercial Model.

There are over 30 new articles since last month’s website release. Topics range from an attack on comparator trials in the life sciences, to a proposal for cost-free research. Many of the new articles are summarized here.

Also new this month is a checklist  for World Class R&D. This is a work-in-progress, but the 30+ items on the checklist give a good sense for the ambitious (and audacious) changes we propose for industrial R&D. Get involved. Sign up at the website and comment on the article(s) you most like or like-to-hate. Get to know us while we’re still new, fresh and brash: before we become too institutionalized.

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