Newsletter – Mid-Game Investment Category (Vol. 1, No. 4)

The World Class R&D InstituteMid-Game (Investment Category+)

 We continue the description of Investment Categories by discussing mid-game. These are the Investible Units+ where we have already placed our bets. How do we track their progress? How do we ensure they are as successful as can be?

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Last month we introduced the four main R&D investment categories (i.e., pre-game+, mid-game, end-game+ and commercialization+). This month we discuss mid-game: deciding whether or not to continue funding of R&D investments already underway. We do this without relying on cheap heuristics+, portfolio optimization or other ineffective practices seen frequently in industrial R&D. We discuss the role of Independent Evaluation+, the 5 P’s, and the many support structures we put in place to help good leaders become great.

Next month we take a short break from investment categories, and discuss a topic that has become urgent for many of our colleagues in research: Protecting R&D from the buffeting winds of the corporation. How do we protect research, which can take decades, from very frequent changes in corporate direction and priorities? Does this strike a chord? Here's a starter list of protections needed by R&D. Register and vote for those you consider to be the most important. We preview this topic with an article on the use of Franchise Fees as a means to counteract damages inflicted by arbitrary cost-cutting measures.

There are 15 new articles this month. One is perhaps more thought-provoking than the others. Free Market R&D illustrates the huge challenge we face as we move away from a paternalistic, overly-bureaucratic model of industrial R&D, and toward an entrepreneurial, free-market approach. This leads in turn to thinking on how to undermine today’s entrenched interests in order to advance toward a World Class R&D capability. To be continued.

Finally I include a transcript of the very short (10 minute) introduction I gave last month at the Drug Information Association (DIA) panel discussion on mini-clini’s. Frequent readers of this website will recognize the arguments.

Wishing you and yours a very fruitful summer holiday.


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