Newsletter – Introduction to the Investible Unit (Vol. 1, No. 1)

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Our first issue introduces the concept of the Investible Unit, a key concept within World Class R&D. We define this as a collection of people, technology, intellectual property, mission and organization seeking funding for industrial research. This is important because in World Class R&D we seek to balance the financial and emotional needs of individuals on each side of this transaction: the investor on the one hand, and the individuals within the research unit on the other. This balance drives almost every recommendation in the hundreds of pages of materials found on this website.

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Dear Visitor,

We invite you to become a member of the World Class R&D Institute, dedicated to excellence in the management of industrial R&D. You have received this invite because you personally know a member of our World Class R&D Institute team. We recognize you as someone who can contribute to the discussion of what it should mean to achieve a World Class R&D designation.

Success in industrial R&D benefits our work colleagues, our neighbors and our fellow man. New product development is the cornerstone of new meaningful jobs in society. It sets the stage for a cascade of activities in manufacturing, distribution, marketing, selling and consumption of products. It is often the basis of increased standards of living, and can be the means by which we eliminate much misery and suffering in the world. There's a surfeit of good basic science just waiting to be leveraged. That leverage comes from excellence in the management of industrial R&D.

What We Are

The Institute introduces you to a new way to view industrial R&D: to increase the effectiveness of the R&D pursuit by an order of magnitude. When we say World Class R&D, we mean World Class revenues. This is the community to guide you towards that next blockbuster+ product.

This is not a community for improving individual managers. Instead, we build the environment for good management practices. Our intent is to take seriously the sick building syndrome: if you replace all the people in a building with fresh new faces, the new faces will start to look like the displaced due to the old work practices, policies, support systems, and incentives. At the World Class R&D Institute, we don't strive for good managers, we give good managers the chance to surface and to thrive.

Getting Started

 A convenient touchstone to better understand the aim of World Class R&D is the Investible Unit. View industrial R&D as an investment into a pristine work unit. What's the makeup of one of these units? What does it really take (looking into the heads of the participants) to make this unit a resounding success. Read the short narrative on the Investible Unit. Each month we'll then present up to six new facets of this topic, the Investible Unit, on the home page of the Institute website. This simple touchstone clears out many of the cobwebs of today's overly-bureaucratic thinking, and will allow you to more fully appreciate the complexity of the challenge we face as we build the foundation for a World Class R&D capability.

How You Can Help

Join our effort!! Support us with your time, talent and connections. Contribute to discussions with your peers and colleagues in your comments and contributions to the website. As a non-profit Institute, we depend on the voluntary support of our members. Help us help our communities, and coincidentally ourselves, by instilling the work practices that drive success in industrial R&D. We show you over 20 ways you can participate.

Won't you join us?


Keith Ortiz and Lionel Edwards

The World Class R&D Institute, A Non-Profit Institution

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