Newsletter – Buffeting Winds (Vol. 1, No. 5)

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We take a brief break from discussion of the Investment Categories+ to discuss protecting R&D from the buffeting winds of the corporation. By this we refer to actions taken by c-level individuals that hurt R&D, despite achievement of performance goals by R&D. For example, arbitrary budget cuts often affect R&D for the sake of short term profit goals (or bumps in share prices). We discuss mechanisms for how R&D can better protect itself from these winds.

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If you’re not familiar with the classics from political science, then the articles on the front page of this month’s World Class R&D Institute website may seem odd. You may scratch your head wondering what all this has to do with industrial R&D. Or, you may find it distasteful and revolting.

We protect R&D from the buffeting winds of the corporation. We give it the time and resources it needs for discontinuous discovery+. Protection of R&D means politics, which is a milder form of war, to flip a quote from one of our referenced authors, Clausewitz. If need be, we go to battle with the rest of the corporation for the sake the entire corporation. That’s what you should expect from a valued partner.

We use hyperbole as a literary device to make these articles stick. This may be the only place you’ll see the advice you’re about to read and you need to remember these lessons. Don’t confuse the literary device with the underlying message. Most of these protections are only available to firms that are World Class R&D capable. You may want to also read Across-the-Board Cost Cuts, which offers some advice on how to start building these protections today.

We introduce this month a new feature called What If. These are speculative visions for the future of R&D which we use to gain greater insights into the challenges we face today. A dedicated link for What If now appears on the main menu. We'll add new scenarios occasionally.

Hope you’re enjoying your summer (for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere).

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