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Below is the Roadmap for select April 2011 website articles.    Please note  the website contains many more articles covering these same topics. For example, pre-game is integral to our program for attracting better R&D investment opportunities.

Provide Predictable Funding for Unpredictable R&D+
(Introduction to Franchise Capital Mgmt.)

Make funding more predictable (From Unpredictable R&D to Predictable Investor Returns)

  Attract and Retain Long-Term Investors

– Make a Market (You Have to See It to Believe It)

  Reinvest Interim Windfalls+

Make R&D success more frequent * (Execution is the Key to Success)

  Get Smarter at Tracking R&D Advancements+ and Transitions+ (Exits)
  Attract Better R&D-centric Investments
  Increase R&D Productivity (Execution is the Key to Success)

* Although it's still unpredictable

As funding agent+ we match investors and investments (owners of intellectual property+). Our role as funding agent (as middleman) is to keep investors happy, thereby ensuring steady funding for investments. We do this by packaging unpredictable R&D investments into an offering that is more attractive for investors (the perpetual fund). We do this by direct mediation into our unpredictable R&D investments (via franchise operations+), to ensure above-market productivity. Above-market R&D productivity is the only reliable means to ensure predictable funding.

It's a Vast Untapped Market


Why the time is right for a new funding approach

We are the imagination factory. We take great futures imagined by our researchers and investors and turn them into reality. We are the birthplace of new industries. We take new ideas and spin them off into billion dollar enterprises. We move national economies.

We’re the place for researchers who do things just because no one else has thought to do them. We’re the home for creativity, as applied to human betterment. We know our work’s valuable because individuals willingly reach into their own wallets to pay for it. We push our research all the way to the end user. Our mission is to create great products and great blue collar jobs.

We don’t seek individuals in this for the quick buck. We provide capital protection and steady growth for long term investors. We seek investors and researchers willing to commit for the duration. We take investors who want long-term capital protection, real protection, and marry them with researchers looking for long-term funding, consistent funding.

We acknowledge and put into practice the behavior fundamentals+. It’s all about the behaviors. Everything we do seeks to better understand how behaviors increase productivity, and how we can better employ funding mechanisms so as to encourage these behaviors. This applies equally to the behaviors of the investor, the owners of intellectual property+, and the funding agent+. We distrust and exclude quants from our enterprise (here). They are now widely recognized as the bane of the financial industry, and of research endeavors. Ours is the personal touch. Each investor and investment is evaluated on his or her own merits.

 Comparison of Franchise Capital Mgmt. to other forms of funding for research

Exhibit 1: How Research Gets Done. [no-glossary]This exhibit shows (in a gross generalization but directionally correct) [/no-glossary] characteristics for each sector involved in major funding of research, compared to Franchise Capital Management (FCM). This exhibit largely defines the market position of Franchise Capital Management vis–à–vis alternate funding approaches.
We do this better than government, industry, academia or the financial sector. By this, we refer to taking unpredictable R&D+ and turning it into commercial products and services employing millions. No egalitarianism, no OPM+, no NPV+, no deadline bias+, no research for the sake of research. We rely on an unambiguous measure of success – individuals reaching into their own pockets to pay for our products; investors voting with their feet when we don’t measure up to their standards. We intend to overtake industry and the financial sector in this important market segment: the blockbuster+ exploitation of unpredictable R&D.

Table 1. Owner of Intellectual Property (Investment), Point-of-View
  • I have a great idea and I really want to see it realized, and by realized I mean seeing it in the hands of consumers willing to pay for it with their own money.
  • I appreciate the overarching importance of funding in making this happen, and acknowledge funding as being much more important than the idea itself (70-30), although I will retain full braggin’ rights.
  • I want assurances I will retain ‘enough’ financial reward in the final realization of my idea – I put a lot of sweat equity into this and want payback.
  • I want assurances I can retain ‘enough’ control over the development of my idea (during its re-invention+ phase) to ensure it achieves its intended results.
  • I want assurances I will not be ‘pushed out’ with a financial package; that I will be around to influence my child’s growth and development.
  • I want the funding agent to acknowledge today's loose ends in my innovation, and I will be given the time and resources needed to tie up those loose ends. In exchange I acknowledge we are trying to satisfy a subjective consumer experience, and the perfect product doesn’t exist.
  • I don’t mind being pushed. I welcome it. But not in an artificial direction or to an artificial deadline.
  • I see myself at times as the mad scientist and welcome individuals with strong sales and business skills to back me up. My interest is in realization of the concept, and I am willing to share the glory with individuals who complement my background and can make this happen.
Table 2. Owner of Funds (Investor), Point-of-View
  • I view Wall Street as a bit of a Ponzi+ scheme. My investments do not (directly) contribute to productivity in industry or growth in the economy. The buying and selling of stocks is a gamble vis–à–vis other investors, and the only winners are the stock brokers. But I see no where else to place my money.
  • I’m not looking for quick or outrageous wins. I’m looking for steady, safe growth. But based on the recent financial collapse, it’s unclear where safe investments can be found. I was burned in the 2008-2009 crash while investing in supposedly safe investments, and don’t intend to get burned again, but I recognize I’ve done nothing to prevent it.
  • I don’t read a prospectus, or bylaw change notifications, but I will take the time to go and talk to my financial adviser. I have a very active life with many varied interests, but am willing to commit to pre-scheduled meetings to hear financial investment advice. However, I often find my financial adviser often has drunk from the Kool-Aid and has no better sense of the market than I do. This advice had better be worth my effort.
  • I view money as a means to an end, and not as an end in itself. I also recognize there’s a mortgage to be paid and a retirement to be funded. I need capital protection and steady growth, but a financial kicker every once in a while would be nice.
  • I really would be interested in an investment divorced from the turmoil of the larger markets, but only if I can be assured there will be a market for my investment when I retire.
  • I’m of an ethical bent, and have an interest in ensuring my money is productively employed. I consider investing to be a part of my moral actions. For this reason, I have no interest in gold or commodity investments. But I am more often than not morally bankrupt in my investing – I invest simply for returns. I also recognize marketeers are ingenious at packaging morally bankrupt investments for morally-conscious consumers.
  • I understand the role and value of the middleman and that the middleman should be well paid. I also know the middleman always has a knowledge advantage over me and I want assurances this will not be used to my ultimate disadvantage. Skin-in-the-game by the middleman would go a long way toward assuaging my concerns.

We’re not an offshoot of today’s approaches. We’re a new way, a research annuity accumulating wealth with a better future for all. We step outside the circular flow to satisfy unmet needs of owners of intellectual property and investors. We intend to set up a new market dynamic, one that profitably and continuously funds unpredictable R&D.

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Reba Tull
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Not enough blockbuster science platforms

There are just not enough available science platforms having blockbuster+ potential. There are even fewer when you consider that exciting ones will be snapped up by other (less demanding) funding agents. Exciting research looks exciting to all investors up front, even if they later prove incapable of fully exploiting the research and it gets abandoned.

Discovery is discontinuous by nature - and you compound the challenge by adding to it unpredictable commercialization+. How do you know that the problem with today's lack of R&D productivity isn't just one of too many dollars chasing too few blockbuster opportunities? If this is the case you are going to exacerbate the problem with Franchise Capital Management+.