It’s All About Personal Success

We want people who enjoy competing with the best; where money is a secondary concern. The reason we join an exclusive club is for the privilege of associating with others of our same ilk. Those who manage the club do all they can to make this happen. They never lower the standards and we members love them for it.

Success is sweeter the greater the challenge. You’ll do what others before you would never have thought to do. We don’t set up the research pursuit to make it easy, on the contrary. Obstacles are good, even funding obstacles. They strengthen the bond between the inventor and his or her invention. The inventor imagines bragging about his or her success in overcoming all the obstacles placed in the way. This nurturing and common commiseration between inventor and invention pushes the inventor to constantly seek new and innovative ways to exploit his creation.

You love doing this research and would probably do it on your own if the sheer magnitude of the pursuit didn’t require so many hired-hands, which requires money. You’re in a race against time. Your claim to being the best will only be temporary. There are others striving to knock you from that perch. For example, only one product can be the global top seller in its class, and that slot is at best good until patent expiry. We get you to the top, to all the accolades, before anyone else can get there. In exchange we look for extraordinary efforts.

We look for individuals who take joy in the mere task. Their identity is wrapped up into the technology or research area. They identify themselves at social events in terms related to their technology – it’s their passion. They live and breathe with that passion constantly cycling in the back of their mind. It taints their every conversation and their views of the many other realms of life (e.g., politics, relationships, and ethics).

We look for individuals who revel in the glory of the hunt. You join a hunting club for braggin’ rights. But it’s only fun to brag with those who can appreciate the magnitude of your achievements (not like your mother who says ‘that’s nice’).

Exclusivity is not just a matter of the people with whom you will compete. The research and technology is the most advanced and exciting in the industry. The exploits of your colleagues are immensely interesting to you. If it weren’t for your own exciting pursuit you might be working on theirs. We enjoy meeting and sharing experiences with others because their pursuits are just as exciting as ours. The challenge of working at the edge of science builds a comradery of spirit. You get to play with the expensive toys.

You want strategic direction to guide your pursuit? Okay, get me a blockbuster+ product, and oh, by-the-way, figure out a way to keep my commercial group funded in the meantime. Figure out a way to fund yourself and that’s even better. You fund your commercialization+ colleagues and you have no worry about them being there for you when you need them: we protect our future partners from arbitrary across-the-board cost cuts. Commercialization staff come to view you as a valuable partner in their product launch activities.

Importantly, creative and passionate researchers are not stuck in a one-pony show: or even a three-pony show, as is often the case with traditional Venture Capital funding. They have broad latitude in exploring and pushing their research where ever it goes. They’re not even limited to products within the industry; or finding a product vs. a service. The imagination is freed from arbitrary shackles. It’s free to do what it does best: finding ways to exploit the technology. Of course, we start this journey with the intention to funnel blockbuster products over to our commercial colleagues. But we acknowledge that discovery can be unpredictable both in direction and timing. What we simply want is to take that passion for research and turn it into a cascade of blockbuster products. This, we believe, will allow you to honestly view yourself as a personal success. You get braggin’ rights.

Home Page July 2010