Introduction, Mgt. of Risk & Uncertainty

This Focus Area addresses Decision Making Under Uncertainty...

...the decision category that is most often troublesome in R&D. The Focus Area is called Management of Risk and Uncertainty since our intention is to distance this management from the individual decision maker. The Area is not simply called Decision Making due to that discipline's unsavory association with decision support tools, which are often just another cheap heuristic+.

The topic headings for Mgt. of Risk & Uncertainty may look similar to those in Evidence Gathering but the details are unique in both substance and audiences:

  • More directed towards decision making
  • More directed at practices found at the level of major investments
  • More directed at managers and officers

Never-the-less, there are enough similarities with the recommendations for Evidence Gathering that in practice they will be tackled together.

Management of Risk and Uncertainty can be a key differentiator for many World Class R&D organizations. Get it right and you build a competitive advantage.

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More Core Arguments for Mgt. of Risk & Uncertainty