Global IT Standards

Description With Global IT Standards+ the idea is to standardize systems support across various R&D pursuits so that findings and breakthroughs can be shared, perhaps with benefits across the pursuits. Global IT Standards makes administration of the R&D portfolio easier – sitting at one PC screen you can peruse the status of projects across the corporation. There are certain classes of IT systems that should be used by any R&D pursuit. For example, everyone working on oral medications in a pharmaceutical company should have need for access to a common compound library.
The reason a compound is placed in the compound library is because it's already dead. We've tried it and it hasn't worked! Pharmaceutical Industry DIA Survey+ Participant opining on the futility of capturing all new compounds developed by a pharmaceutical company into a single global repository

Perhaps this is an extreme example, but IT by definition is a mechanical exercise. It automates or speeds up information collection, presentation and retrieval. So at a very tactical level IT provides a valuable service in that it automates activities that need to be repeated for individuals within a particular R&D pursuit. It's when IT spans across pursuits that standardization kicks in and creativity and customization must take a secondary role.

IT contributes globally in development of standard Tools & Techniques for World Class R&D. For example, one idea in pharmaceutical clinical trials was to develop cameras with embedded (encrypted) rotoscoping, a technique that converts live video to animation in a way that preserves facial features and body language. With rotoscoping you can monitor patient visits to their clinicians remotely, protecting their confidentiality and privacy.

To summarize, global IT is only tagged as a Worst Practice under the World Class R&D approach when it pursues standardization and rationalization for their own sake. For a clear example of IT run amok in R&D see here.

Appropriate Uses Global IT standards are completely applicable in me-too+ and product extension work. It can be applicable for blockbuster+ pursuits in tactical approaches to evidence gathering and common laboratory procedures.
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