Franchise Benefits

We get benefits for being members of the franchise. That’s often the main reason we join. I gain access to industry leaders in many business, science and legal disciplines. I expect franchise operations+ to stand up for me in difficult times. I need guidance and my team needs facilitation on how to best play this new (complex) game. From developing my strategy to negotiating with that next vendor, the first place I look is in my guide to franchise benefits+.

This is especially true during commercialization+. Franchisees are typically good at finding blockbuster+ prototypes. They only infrequently get involved in commercialization. Outside help is welcomed. Franchisees have access to expertise that spans all their commercialization needs. Some of these needs are listed below:

  • Vendor Request for Proposal (RFP), Proposal Evaluation, Negotiation and Selection
  • Vendor Removal and/or swap-out
  • Alternate Competing Hypotheses+
  • Pay-for-Performance+
  • Industrial Design+ Strategic Advice
  • Commercial Operations+ Strategic Advice
  • Protections from unexpected breaches or shirking by other team members

Organizational Behavior Management+, as a benefit to franchisees, continuously reviews and suggests management practices for increased effectiveness, for example, tools to measure staff creativity.

Franchisees have access to vendor performance evaluations from across all the franchisees. We have many franchisees, and many opportunities for vendors to prove their reliability, or not. Franchisee have access to a pool of vendors when they send out their RFP, and know what to look out for from both the vendor and their proposed team members.