Employees in End-Game

We have personified the research unit up to now, but the real concern about ending well comes from the employees of the research unit. We’re often dealing with the insecurities of the highly educated+ for employees in the now defunct research unit. They sought assurances when they joined the research unit that their good personal branding would not get soiled should Mother Nature leave the building. The risks were high and they were willing to take them on. In exchange they want recognition of the challenges they tackled, regardless the outcome.

There are no jobs waiting. There is no patrón. But employees with good credentials are prized and are given a shot at openings within the franchise program: positions in new research units or in corporate support functions. As in life, much depends on the ability of the individual to develop his or her own personal brand. In this we have provided an abundance of venues.

Ties that bind+ gain employees face time with future corporate employers and with management of other research units, both established and incipient. Employees participate in building and maintaining franchise benefits+ (e.g., the flipped matrix+); they present at annual confabs; they participate in formal decision mechanisms (e.g., Trial by Jury+); they contribute to commercialization+, etc. Membership+ in the franchise program is filled with many varied and deep ties that bind. The employee has many opportunities to promote their personal brand during these many personal interactions.

Employees know to brand themselves, to get known for being good at some technical, business or organizational skill which is broadly applicable across many business situations. As part of a smaller entity (the research unit) they had the opportunity to do essentially anything that needed to get done. Similar to the experience in many other professions (e.g., accounting, sales) good self-branders take advantage of these opportunities to develop their reputations.

I started off as an accountant, but my bosses quickly realized that if they ever needed to get anything done they could come to me. I parlayed this reputation into a variety of positions that eventually carried me to where I am today. Successful pharmaceutical industry consultant (2009). Personal Communication

You use your educational background, the research PhD, as a foot-in-the-door, but recognize the need to gain self-confidence by seeking exposure to a broad and varied work experience.

Note: we ferret out and dismiss employees who use firm resources solely to build personal security, for example, awarding consulting contracts as means for future employment with the consulting firm.

Below we list end-game+ employment opportunities for employees who do well at personal branding:

  • Submission of a pre-game+ proposal for a new research unit
  • Employment with third party participants (outside investors, allies, partners)
  • Continuation with the same management restructured for post-membership pursuits
  • Opportunities in other research units or in corporate support services

You’ve been given the opportunity to expand – to leverage the skills of your narrow technical discipline into a broad set of skills. These skills are highly valued in any number of other pursuits.

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