Early Kills

Description Early Kills refers to Early Project Kills+. We kill all but the most promising R&D pursuits early to avoid the heavy expenses of commercialization+.

This practice, along with the concept of project attrition, disappears in World Class R&D. We no longer give numbers or monikers to 'projects'. Instead we have R&D pursuits that have indefinite targets and tentative paths to those targets. Work is simultaneously advanced on many fronts, and that unpromising work we did last year may all-of-a-sudden take on a new meaning this year. Any particular effort within the pursuit may be found to be less attractive than its alternatives, but it is not 'attrited' . Rather researchers just have too many other more attractive options to pursue.

Do we have early kills on pursuits? No. Research done well means it will be just as difficult to identify bad pursuits as good pursuits. Pursuits gracefully fade away as there are more attractive options in which the corporation (or funding agent+) can place their investments. It will be a rare event that any pursuit is killed outright. How this happens is part of the World Class R&D capability that is to be defined by the community.

Early Kills can often be a manifestation of the falsification bias+ in decision makers.

Appropriate Uses Can be used for me-too+ projects where the comparator is clear and the results are unambiguous.
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