Decision Authority, Governance

We seek decision authority for R&D governance that goes far beyond traditional grants...

Decision Authority is what governance is all about. We want to place investment decisions into the hands of individuals most capable of making those decisions. However, expertise in a function often does not translate into expertise in making and managing investments. Being good at research does not translate into being a good investor in research. With World Class R&D we seek a combination of both.

It’s a simple idea. We view an R&D investment just like we would a science or technological challenge. What are the variables we can tweak to give each investment its best chance of success? We seek creativity in the decisions we can make to give the greatest chance of success.

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  • Support research teams that step outside the conventions to gather evidence and manage risks.
  • Spin-off internal teams into self-standing research units in a fully arms length+ relationship to the corporation.

More Core Arguments for Governance