Compulsories, Mgt. of Risk & Uncertainty

A major challenge in dealing with Risk & Uncertainty is the prevalence of bad practices...

We must proactively crush many of today's practices before we can move on to improved practices. We tackle many of today's belief systems head-on. It often takes a new generation to reverse belief systems – so we may literally have to wait for the old belief systems to die off.

We must proactively insert new ways of thinking (e.g., tacit knowledge+, behavior fundamentals+) into the existing mindsets those in R&D. R&D compulsories+ include an intensive upfront educational program to get people to start questioning their traditional views about risk and uncertainty.

There is just one compulsory program for both evidence gathering and the Management of Risk & Uncertainty. Much of the management of risk and uncertainty come though our evidence gathering practices. However, the compulsories for Risk & Uncertainty  are so challenging they deserve separate treatment.

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More Core Arguments for Mgt. of Risk & Uncertainty