Compulsories, Evidence Gathering

Compulsories+ are what we expect researchers to show before they’ll be free to do the really fun science...

The Compulsories ensure individuals understand the springs of personal bias, work to develop a deep contextual understanding of their subject matter, and understand the limits to claims of truth based on experimental results. Individuals who have not mastered the compulsories can still work on blockbuster+ pursuits, but will more often be told what to do. They will not experience the exhilaration and personal satisfaction that come from true freedom of research. They will always be working under someone else’s terms.

The Compulsories

  • Understand and work to minimize bias in co-investigators and customer surrogates
  • Develop a deep contextual understanding in an area of research
  • Understand and respect the boundaries of tiers of evidence+
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Stages of Growth

More Core Arguments for Evidence Gathering