Competition (COM)

Competition in areas of great uncertainty gives the interplay and challenges needed for each idea to get honed to its greatest potential...

Design Principles:

  • Build competition into the science and into the funding of science (i.e., into most transactions)
  • Competitive scoring is based on effectiveness, not on quantity or style. Scoring is by an independent agency.
  • Build safeguards against individual hyper-competitive behaviors (see Knowing-Doing).


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If I only have one or two investments the researchers can blow smoke in my eyes. I have no way of really knowing as an outsider whether or not the technology merits further infusions of cash. On the other hand, if I have a half-dozen or more similar investments it becomes very easy for me to see who's blowing smoke and who's really smokin' Pharmaceutical Industry Venture Capitalist (2007). Personal Communication


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