Case Study – #001 Technology Spin-off from a University

Problem Statement:

We’re a group of researchers that have spun off from a prestigious northeastern university who seek to further develop a patented new technology, and seek to find an industrial partner who will provide us with funding we need to commercialize products based on this technology. We have funding for research activities over the next 12-18 months, and several promising product ideas. Potential partners require working prototypes of one or two products based on our technology, and some evidence these products have commercial potential. The problem is that our researchers seem to avoid the hard work of commercialization+ (near-commercialization). The attraction of further research seems to swamp the interest of our researchers over the mundane work needed to satisfy potential industrial partners. We’re bleeding our limited funds to polish the technology without really understanding how it will lead to commercial applications. How do we get researchers to focus on the commercial needs of our nascent firm?





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